Sociology 001 (Richardson): Reference Books (Print and Online)

Provides a list of resources on how to pursue health and medical research based on the movie, Lorenzo Oil. Also includes an outline of the lecture, and suggestions of databases to use for research in the field of Sociology.

Key Books for Checkout

Notable Reference Books

These books (both in print and online) are key reference resources.  Reference resources can be the starting point to research, while dictionaries and encyclopedias can provide vocabularies and overviews.  In the medical field, key medical textbooks are also key reference resources.

Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

Reference: RC71 .A14

Magill's Medical Guide (Salem Health)

Reference: RC41 .M34 2008 or at:

Encyclopedia of Human Biology

Reference: QP11 .E53 1991

Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine

Reference: RC41 .G35 2002

Cecil Textbook of Medicine

Reference: RC 46 C423 1996

Merck Manual

Reference: RC55 .M4 1999

Stedman's Medical Dictionary

Reference: R121 .S8 2008

 Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary

Reference: R 121 .P73 2007

Vera Pyle's Current Medical Terminology

 Reference: R121 .P95 2005

Gale Virtual Reference Library


Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders

Reference: RC 437 G35 2002

 Gale Encyclopedia of Diets

 Reference: RA784 .G345 2008

 Duke Encyclopedia of New Medicine

 Reference: R733 .D96 2006

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Sourcebook

Reference: R 735 .C66 2006

 Human Brain Anatomy in Computerized Images

  Reference: QM 455 .P23 2005

Encyclopedias and Biographies

Title Location
Encyclopedia of Human Emotions Ref: BF531 E56 1999
Social Issues in America: An Encyclopedia Ref: HN57 .S624 2006
Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity and Society Ref: HT1521 .E63 2008
Class in America: An Encyclopedia Ref: HN90 .S6 C564 2007
Encyclopedia of U.S. Labor and Working-Class History
Ref: HD8066 .A78 2007
Biography Resource Center [Database]
Pop Culture Universe [Database]
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Ref: B51 R68 1998
Religion and American Cultures Ref: BL2525 R448 2003
Gale Encyclopedia of Religion Ref: BL31 .E46 2005
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology Ref: BF1407 .E52 2001