Sociology 001 (Richardson): How Odones Search in 2010's?

Provides a list of resources on how to pursue health and medical research based on the movie, Lorenzo Oil. Also includes an outline of the lecture, and suggestions of databases to use for research in the field of Sociology.

Email Articles

 Able to share articles with Michaela right away.  Here's Augusto sending his latest "Eureka" find to Michaela (who receives it from her computer while tending to Lorenzo).  (Augusto can follow it with a Tweet on Twitter or a text message to Michaela's cell phone!)

Augusto Emailing an article from EBSCOhost to Michaela

Web 2.0 Apps

Augusto, Michaela, and Nikolais share thoughts on Augusto's most recent paper on Google Documents or on a Wiki.

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Augusto and Michaela share what they find on the Web and from databases on their Delicious bookmark account.

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Augusto and others of the community share their activism, thoughts, and yet to be proven discoveries on their ALD blog using Blogger.  The Blog includes a RSS feed to get the latest news on adrenoleukodystrophy (and similar ailments, conditions regarding the myelin sheath, etc.)

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When Augusto and Michaela find great websites that are searchable by search engines, they add them to their Google Custom search engine for future discoveries.

Odone Custom Search Google

Augusto, Michaela and reknowned doctors and scientists have their at least monthly discussions from their computers, using

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