Google Searching (Reynoso): Keywords

Selecting Keywords

The keywords you use in your search can have a major impact on the types of results you receive, so be careful when selecting your keywords. Here are some tips for getting the best results:

  1. Keep it simple! Don't write out complete sentences. Only type in the main ideas.
  2. Remember that word order DOES matter.
  3. Words like "a" and "the" DO impact your results.

Try it!

Now give it a try yourself. Try searching for a topic using search terms in different orders. Also try misspelling a word or using all CAPS and see if it affects your search results.

Spelling and Capitalization

Here are some factors that generally DO NOT affect your search:

  1. Typos. Google is efficient at correcting spelling mistakes. If you spell something wrong in the search box, the correct spelling will often show up as a suggestion.
  2. Capitalization. Google generally disregards capitalization, so it's not necesary to capitalize when entering your search query.