Anthropology 013 (Forensic Anthropology): Finding Images

Research Project (Poster Session)

Finding Images Introduction

It is best to plan finding your images and graphics in advance.

Keep in mind that cutting out anything from a magazine, journal, newspaper or book from the Library's collection is vandalism.

You can check out books and magazines and can certainly save what you find on the Web onto a flash disk or cloud storage (or Email to yourself the image as an attachment).

Saving onto a flash disk requires you to use the Student Computer Lab (not the reference computers). The Library has one color copier, located to the left of the New Books display (facing toward the display). The cost for copying in color is 50 cents per page. There are also options to enlarge and reduce copy size. Chabot College currently does NOT have a color printer available.


Places to Find Images Online

EBSCO MultiMedia Database

In OneSearch, select the MultiMedia link from the top left menu bar.

Google Images

If you use the link above, you have fair use rights to use for your poster project or a web site.

Resizing Images

Our copiers DO have the capability ro resize images.  Ask for assistance from Library staff to learn how to convert images to your desired size.

PicResize- Go to PicResize to resize digital images in a snap!