English 001 A (Webster): Romantic Relationships

The Internet and Our Communities Essay 2 Spring 2017


Romantic relationships and internet technologies:

Same directions as prompt 1 (just substitute “romantic relationships” for “family relationships.”)

Focusing your topic...

Here are some methods by which you can begin to focus:

Do some background research. Take a few minutes to run your topic through the library catalog and the library databases. Note how others are exploring your topic. What "grabs" you? What doesn't? What keywords/buzz words keep coming up? 

 Go back to “why” you chose your topic. What made you choose your topic in the first place? Sometimes articulating the “why” out loud will directly reveal the direction you want to go.

Talk to others about your topic. Check in not only with your professors and librarians, but talk to your friends, family and classmates about your topic. Having your topic reflected by someone else can often spark great ideas, and any chance to articulate your topic “out loud” is beneficial.