Psychology-Counseling 015 (Ashraf): Strategies to Succeed

Study Skills Topics: procrastination; test prep; test anxiety; note taking; stress management; life long learning, love of learning, knowledge is power etc.

Plan Your Research

Here's what you should do before you ever start looking for books, articles, or Web sites: 

1.     Understand your assignment

2.     Select a topic that interests you

3.     Develop research questions to drive your search for information

4.     Focus your topic so it is management and meaningful

5.     Choose the right words to use in your searches

What "search terms" to use?

Sometimes instead of searching by keywords, you may have better luck finding materials by consulting the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

Here are a few subject headings that may be helpful to your assignment:

Study Skills


Learning, Psychology of

Learning Strategies



Self-actualization (Psychology)


Note Taking


Improve Your Study Skills