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Culture Assignmment


"Culture is the term used to denote a particular way of life for a specific group of people during a certain period in history. It also references the artifacts, narratives, images, habits, and products that give style and substance to that particular way of life. The popular  (culture) makes reference to "the people," and as such there are in some discussions overlaps between "folk" and "popular" culture. What usually distinguishes the two in the common use of these terms is that whereas "folk" culture is presumed to refer to cultural products and practices that emerge from the people, often having a historical connection to a certain racial, ethnic, or geographically located group, popular culture usually refers to those commercially produced items specifically associated with  leisure,  mass media, and lifestyle choices."

Clark, L. S. (2005). Popular Culture. In L. Jones (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Religion (2nd ed., Vol. 11, pp. 7320-7324). Detroit: Macmillan Reference   USA. Retrieved from


"There are also distinct cultural groups that coexist and operate within a larger society alongside other cultural groups—these are known as “subcultures.” The concept of subcultures has become very complex in modern society. For instance, subcultures can take many forms and include social entities as well as human civilizations. These can include corporations (e.g., Apple, Starbucks), technology (e.g., computers, cell phones), social network sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), gangs (e.g., urban street gangs, motorcycle gangs), and religions (e.g., Christianity, Islam). Essentially, subcultures (and cultures) can take on infinite varieties that have their own set of standards, values, language, and behavioral patterns. "

Gordon, K. K., & Lanier, M. M. (2014). Culture. In B. A. Arrigo (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Criminal Justice Ethics (Vol. 1, pp. 214-218). Los Angeles: SAGE Reference. Retrieved from

Assignment Topics: General research for an academic speech - specific assignment is an informative speech about a culture or subculture.

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