Business 010: Business Law (Novak and Patterson): Spring 2017 Assignment (Library Research)

This class research guide covers finding resources on Business Law, including finding court cases, legal reviews, and articles on your business legal topic.

Library Assignment

"Two additional sources that discuss the legal principles of your topic in depth (another textbook, for example—there are several on reserve at the Chabot Library, a legal dictionary, a law journal, or a book on your topic). Focus on U.S. law, and on California law if you choose to or need to go to the state level. Your sources should be reasonably current. Some laws change frequently, and some are more constant. Let me know if you need a definition of “reasonably current” for your particular topic.
 One recent (within the past 2 years) source from a magazine that discusses the implications of your topic for businesses. That source can be a business magazine or a legal journal (the online editions of printed magazines are acceptable sources; purely online sources are NOT).
 One relevant case--a published appellate court opinion--in the past 10 years that really clarifies the important factors that courts consider when deciding these cases. If you can’t find a relevant case within the last 10 years, please see me. More information on research techniques will be provided in a library orientation during class. The textbook website also may have some great information, particularly in “Court Case Updates”.

Note that “online-only” sources cannot be used for this assignment. If you find online editions of print magazines or journals, those are fine.You can also use anything you find in the Chabot library databases. You may also use state or federal government websites (.gov, .ca, etc.)."

Checklist for Legal Research Paper
Do you have at least 6 sources for your paper? Are all of these credible sources (not Internet-only sources)?
Does at least one of your sources discuss the business perspective on your topic?
Is one of your sources a recent appellate case opinion?
Does your paper clearly explain the key legal principles of your topic?
Does your paper summarize your case, and explain to the reader what this case tells us about the key elements of your topic?
Have you included clear, specific advice to business owners about what steps to take to avoid legal issues in this area?
Have you included your sources list?
Have you used headings in your paper? These aren’t required, but are very helpful in a long paper.
Have you fully integrated all of this work into one comprehensive paper?
Have you reviewed and carefully proofread your paper?
Have you submitted your final paper through Blackboard?
If you’re submitting a team paper, have you included all team member names on your paper?