English as a Second Language (ESL): Chabot Library Services

Subject guide to ESL, in general.

The Library: Your Information Gateway

At Chabot Library, you have many resources available to you.  The Library has books, journals, newspapers, magazines, videos, DVD's, and more available for you to use, most often to check out at no cost!  To check out materials, you need to make sure you have a student ID card.  A student ID card allows you to check out books, usually for a two week period.

For a reminder where many resources are available take this tutorial

Library Map



Student Computer Lab

Student at Computer

On the higher floor in the Library, in the center, there is a computer lab available for students at all hours the Library is open.  The Lab has over 100 computers.  To use, sit at any of these computers, and enter your W ID number to login.  If you do not know what your W ID number, log onto Class-Web, the place where you log in to view your class schedules online.

On these computers you can work on your papers, surf the Web, and work on your class assignments on Blackboard.  To see what software is currently available, go to the Student Computer Lab page.