Make the Library Be More a Part of Your Course (The Sequel): Curriculum Builder, New Databases and More!: Canvas & the Library

The Library has lots of new resources available for both your physical and online classroom! Take a peek and enhance your courses with the Library!

What is Curriculum Builder?

Curriculum Builder is an online tool that takes resources found from our EBSCOhost Discovery Service (EDS) and makes content from it appear as seamlessly as possible in a Learning Management System's course such as your Blackboard or Canvas course.

For now, this is a tool available through your Blackboard course.  You add the LTI address (see middle) as a link in each of your Blackboard courses you choose to have course readings.

Then comes the magic-- you have a search tool where you can enter keyword search terms that could include words of a subject, title or an author, and discover and find articles in our databases.  You add them to your reading list by a button and PDF, HTML or links to full-text readings will appear right from the Blackboard platform itself!

Instructional Handout

Look at both for the process for implementation and use, using the Canvas instructions instead of the Blackboard instructions with respect to adding Curriculum Builder into a module.

Canvas Entrance Screen

Online Demonstration of the Product

Reading List Example