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Library Orientations: Let the Librarian Teach

Library Orientation Request Form


Use the above link to schedule customized library orientations for your classes. We use your specific assignment when presenting the recommended databases and/or library catalog.

Your students will be shown:

. the organization of the Chabot College Library

. how to find books using the online catalog (OPAC)

. how to select an appropriate database

. how to best formulate searches using basic boolean logic

. how to evaluate websites

. how to evaluate the sources they have selected

. how to cite their the sources


In order to give librarians enough time to prepare we request that you schedule a library orientation as early as possible in the semester, but at least one week in advance.

Collaboration--It's all About Planning Students' Research Success!

The library is a "place" where some students can be overwhelmed and timid. We are hoping that by us working together we can help reduce these barriers.

Remember, the librarians are on your team. Our goal is student success. Please let us know if we can assist in creating your research assignments. This will allow the librarians to suggest new acquisitions that will supplement your topics. This will ease the frusration by librarians and especially your students when assisting them with their research as we will have the required resources to provide them. This in turn will give your students a better chance of writing a high quality research paper.

If you plan to give an unusual type of an assignment, please keep the librarians in the loop so we can be better prepared when your students approach us for help.

Other Tools

Put Course Materials on Reserve


Want to use Searchpath for your Online Course and use an Assessment Test for it?  Contact Norman Buchwald