Dental Hygiene 073 (Coan) Spring 2017: Search Strategies

Topic Worksheet


Search Strategy Worksheet

Subject Headings


Helpful Subject Headings

Official subject headings will help you find more specific results when searching our databases. Below are some Library of Congress Subject Headings. If you are searching PubMed, you may want to use the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).


CHILDREN -- Dental care
Dental Anxiety psychology
Dental Care

Dental Care psychology
Dental Care Trends
Dental Caries complications
DENTAL health education
Dental Health Surveys
Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Education
DENTAL hygienists
Dental methods
Dental Offices
Dental Plaque complications
Dental Prophylaxis ethics
Dental statistics & numerical data

Health Education
MOUTH -- Care & hygiene
Oral Hygiene
Oral Hygiene methods
ORALhygiene products
Oral Hygiene psychology
Oral Hygiene Trends
PREVENTIVE dentistry
School Dentistry
TEETH -- Bleaching
TEETH -- Care & hygiene

Boolean Operators


Boolean Operators = AND, OR, NOT


Searching tricks


Searching term tricks

*   Expand the word you are searching to include plurals. etc.: Pakis* gives you Pakistan, Pakistani 

"quotes"   Use for phrases: "Nobel Peace Prize"

OR   Use for either or searching: Child or teen

And   Use to combine terms you want to have: Educat* and Pakis*

Not   Use when you want to eliminate a word from your search (Warning: if you cut a word and it is in an article with words you want, you won't see that article!)