Sociology 001 (Richardson): Lecture Notes

Provides a list of resources on how to pursue health and medical research based on the movie, Lorenzo Oil. Also includes an outline of the lecture, and suggestions of databases to use for research in the field of Sociology.

Information Literacy "Life Long Learning"

Information Literacy  “Life long learning”

--Recognize Information Need

 --How to find Information

            --Research Tools—Ref. Books, Indexes, Articles, Databases, Websites

            --Subject Vocabulary

            --Experts & Support Groups

            --Librarians & Libraries

 --How to Evaluate Information

            --Especially important with websites

 --How to Organize Information
Librarian Provides Key Resource to Augusto

 Why Important?

“He should not suffer by our ignorance  Augusto Odone Augsto Tells Michaela Lorenzo Should Not Suffer Due to Their Ignorance
If just dictionary or encyclopedia, “Lost in the Stairwell”
Augusto Lost in a Stairwell
Beyond Support groups & experts—thorough research Piles of Papers, Books, Etc.
Journal Article Index—To Discover the Polish rats! Michaela Discovers Polish Rats Article Using Index Medicus on Microfilm
More detailed research to Discovery—new knowledge, search for information, to experiment on how to block the enzyme. Augusto Odone's Position Paper


Myelin Project (Class Handout)

Biographical information on Lorenzo, Augusto and Michaela

New on the Web Only: Washington Post Obituary on Lorenzo

New on the Web Only: Los Angeles Times Obituary on Augusto

New on the Web Only: Hugo Moser ("Professor Nikolais")

How to Get Into Databases Off Campus

Web Evaluation Checklist

Also, to learn more about Library and Online Research, use the Searchpath Tutorial at:

Subject Guide

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