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Start Your Research

Start Your Research Journey

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As you begin your research paper, you will encounter different types of resources in various formats. This guide will help you navigate and explore the different resources the library has to offer. 

The research process is usually nonlinear and you might come across some dead ends. Once you get the basics of identifying sources by type, developing keywords, searching the databases, and evaluating sources, you will be on your way to the finish line in completing your research paper. 


Why the Library?

Why Library Databases?

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Library Databases:

  • Are paid for by the Library so that you can have free access to scholarly information.
  • Content is evaluated for authority and accuracy.
  • Information is stable, meaning it doesn't disappear after a period of time.
  • Through subject pages it is easy to find databases with information that relates specifically to your topic
  • Offer options to quickly limit or expand your search results to find the best articles for your topic.

Internet sources


The Internet:

  • Many sources are free, but others require you to pay.
  • Information is not evaluated for accuracy and may be incorrect, misleading or biased.
  • Websites come and go.
  • Is not organized.
  • Search engines (like Google) often return an overwhelming number of results.  These search engines offer no quick way of narrowing your results to ensure they relate to your topic.

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