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Library Information

Library Information and Resources

Chabot College Library provides many different resources to assist you with your school research. To get a full list of the information resources available at Chabot Library, visit the Library Resources Page.

The library also provides access to computers and other hardware to watch/listen to DVDs, CDs, and other formats. Group study areas are also available for group projects or to practice presentations. 

Still have questions? Visit the How Do I Page for guidance on using the library's resources.

Mission, Vision, Values


The Chabot College Library is committed to teaching and promoting the use of information resources to support students’ information literacy and critical thinking. In support of this mission, the Chabot College Library provides all users with a safe and welcoming environment conducive to learning, collaborating, and encouraging lifelong learning.


As a focal point of the College, the Library identifies and meets the needs of students, faculty and staff. In support of the College Mission, the Library continues to acquire and maintain a diverse collection of information resources and services.

Core Values

We believe:

  • in facilitating access to information by providing multiple access points that support diverse student needs
  • in teaching students, faculty, classified professionals, and administrators how to find, evaluate, and ethically use information in their respective academic, professional and personal lives
  • in operating at a high level of professionalism and service
  • in creating a safe and welcoming environment where all students want to come
  • in fostering lifetime relationships with libraries