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Fall Semester 2024 Library Skills Course

Tupac Library Skills CourseLibrary Skills 2 - 2 units CRN: 22920

Tues/Thurs 12-1:20pm

09/18 - 12/11

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My philosophy to win is calling me to spit this shit: 

blue scholars 


Enroll in the 2Pac themed library research skills course because of your affinity for hip-hop. We will work to translate your love of hip-hop, 2Pac and your cultural expertise then apply your Hip Hop lived experience in the academic environment.

In our 2Pac themed course I draw upon students’ experiences with hip-hop culture to encourage them to voice and then research what they already know, bringing their lived experience to their academic work.

4_Info:contact librarian kim rm:109 or (510) 723-6762 

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