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Challenges of the Web

DHMO Tester Wikipedia Article

True Science vs. pseudo science?!  Wikipedia at one time had this page on a promising occupation known as the "DHMO tester."  Look at this page to learn about DHMO.  Then look at the "authoritative" web page on DHMO.  Do a web search on DHMO.  Amazing that the city officials of Aliso Vejo suffered embarrassment for not checking their sources when considering legislation on banning styrofoam cups!


Taking Scholarship Seriously.  This student put together a biography web project on Toni Morrison but may have been sloppy when linking to web sites.  Scroll down and click on the link "Martin Luther King" to what she thought was an authoritative site.  Why would she have thought it was authoritative as say The Martin Luther King Center?  For information on Stormfront, the institution that is sponsoring martinlutherking.org, you can read about them in the Library's print copy:

Extremist Groups: Information for Students    Reference: HN90 .R3 E975 2006

 Whoops!  The student should be checking and evaluating the resources she finds, shouldn't she? 


With these two examples above, would the Odones be going to Google first or going to a Library or the National Institute of Health's National Library of Medicine onlline?  Should Google be the starting point in research?

Public WWW Sites Selected by Librarians

Web Evaluation Checklist

Need a guide to help you with the challenges of the Web?  When you find a site, use the guide below. Hit the Printer icon so you can take notes.  Be skeptical!