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Essay 4

Final Research Paper

(200 points)

Hypothetical:  You are part of an international organization whose purpose is to predict and find solutions to future global issues. You can draw from issues affecting the U.S., but as this is a global organization, you must address similar issues as they occur in two other countries.

Assignment: Parable of the Sower touches on issues that impact us today. Focusing on an issue raised in the book (but no analysis of Parable for this paper since you already wrote that paper), explore how that issue is evolving in one or two other countries and evaluate how these countries fare in addressing the issue. How does the problem arise in those two countries? How do those two countries address that issue? Is one more successful than the other? Can solutions be shared with other countries and cultures?

Paper specifications:

  1. Paper should be 7-8 pages long--same formatting as other papers (150 points)

  2. Annotated bibliography of five sources (3 scholarly journals) (50 points)

  3. mandatory attendance at library session (or else points will be deducted from your paper)

  4. Paper due on the day of the final exam