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Here you will find the online user agreement that must be filled out before using the space.


Library Policies

Our new makers' space is opening in Fall of 2016! What would you like to do in the space? Check some of your favorite activities and add suggestions by linking to the survey

Check for new technology coming to the library! Here is one activity we are considering : 3D pens

Current Supply List

Current Supplies 8/2017


14 Elmer’s Glue

24 Glue Sticks

14 Protective Eyewear

12 Westcott Scissors

4 Olfa Snap Off Blades

2 Martha Stewart Large Circle Cutters

4 Martha Stewart Cutting Mats

6 Modeling Clay Packs

1 Crayola Colored Pencils Classpack

5 8ct Crayola Washable Markers Broad Line

5 12ct Crayola Washable Markers Fine Line

1 24ct Sharpie Markers

1 10ct Sharpie Highlighters

1 8ct Pental Colored Pens

2 Donna Downey Signature Stencils

1 11ct Family Portrait Stencils

1 10ct Nature Stencils

4 Pacon Origami Paper Assorted Colors

2 Sun Works Assorted Color Construction Paper

1 Array Card Stock Assorted Colors

4 Staples Card Stocks (White, Yellow, Beige, Blue)

1 Turntable


makers space

Students can make a reservation to use the Chabot Maker's space:

√ Online reservation system calendar.

The Chabot Library Maker's space is here!


1. Who can use the space?

The library Create/Learn/Share space is open to currently registered students. We do ask that all students sign in at the reference desk, and state how they are going to use the space and what supplies they will need. The library staff will make sure that all users have signed the User Agreement and understand the Safety Regulations for their activities. We will also keep the space open for study when not in use.

2. How many people are allowed in the space at one time?

We will limit the number of people to 4-11 at one time.

3. What are some possible activities?

The possibilities are endless, but we will schedule special workshops and provide limited tools and materials for creative craft and technology projects, as teh budget allows. The space can be used for children's story-times and recording of personal histories, paper art, bookmarks, bookbinding, zines, posters, origami, chess and other games. Technology activities will include mini-robotics, electronics, 3D printer and materials, sewing machines, cutting tables, and a range of supplies.

4. Can student clubs reserve the space?

This is an area under discussion, but, the room will be suitable for small group creative projects and activities of all sorts.

CREATE LEARN SHARE Rules and General Safety

Chabot College Chabot Create/Learn/Share space – Rules and General Safety

Access to the space is dependent upon:


  1. Sign Chabot Library Chabot Create/Learn/Share space user agreement. This agreement contains important responsibilities and safety information for participation.
  2. Users will be required to take a safety orientation and training for any tools that are unfamiliar or potentially dangerous.
  3. The user assumes risk if they use a tool they are not trained to use properly. Please seek assistance before using any tool.
  4. You must have a scheduled session in the Chabot Create/Learn/Share space to use the space. When the space is not used for a scheduled activity, users must sign in at the Reference Desk.
  5. When you sign in at the desk you must verify your user agreement is signed, and that your activity is one that the space is designed for: creating and crafts.


Use of the space:


  1. No one may work alone at any time in the Chabot College Chabot Create/Learn/Share space, including faculty and staff.
  2. Users will agree not to use any tool that they have not been trained to use.
  3. Ask for help!


Rights of users:


  1. Right to a safe work environment
  2. Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  3. Cleaning up is everyone’s responsibility



  1. Do not work alone.
  2. Wear eye protection and take all safety precautions.
  3. Clothing, hair, and accessories should be kept away from equipment. Please remove any item that can interfere with safe work.
  4. All library policies apply: no food or drink.
  5. A maximum number of people will be established



  1. Flying objects
  2. Hot objects
  3. Sharp objects
  4. Tripping hazards


Safety Rules

  1. Be aware of running machines and turn any machine off that does not sound right.
  2. Be aware of others in the room. The room is small and users will need to be extra careful about giving workers space that they need for their tasks.
  3. Wear safety equipment:
  1. Eye protection: safety glasses, welding shade, welding screen
  2. Ear protection: music earbuds or headphones, ear muffs and ear plugs
  3. Hand protection:  vice grips for small parts, gloves for hot parts or tools
  4. Lung protection: breathing masks for dust or fumes
  5. Foot protection: wear closed toed shoes only. Use steel toed boots for heavy materials
  6. Welding leathers for welding
  1. In the case of a serious emergency immediately call 911
  2. Any hazardous material must be approved of, and disposed of properly. We will not be using hazardous material of any kind unless trained and approved.







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