English 102 (Rajaram): We Need New Names and NGO Research: Assignment


English 102

Professor Rajaram

Research Paper


Hypothetical: You work for a publicly-traded Fortune 500 company and have been given the task of advising the company’s philanthropic division on where they should invest charitable funds. The company wants to contribute to an NGO (non-governmental organization) in a developing country. The company seeks to improve its image abroad, so it is most interested in an NGO that is effective and uses its money efficiently, and is not too controversial.


  • Using We Need New Names as a starting point, provide a short (1-2 page) analysis of Bulawayo’s critique of NGOs in the novel. What are her main criticisms of such organizations?

  • Using these criticisms of NGOs, evaluate/analyze a real NGO doing work abroad and assess the success of that NGO and provide a research paper that informs of (1) relevant background on the NGO; (2) any criticism you find concerning the NGO; (3) a final recommendation about whether or not to invest money in that NGO (4) an annotated bibliography of sources used to write your paper.



  • Analysis of WNNN (1-2 pages): 50 points

  • Research essay (4 pages): 100 points--TOTAL ESSAY--6 PAGES

  • Annotated Bibliography (1 page--five sources total, two scholarly journal articles): 50 points

Total final points: 200



Essay 4 will be due on the day of the final