Philosophy 050 (Shannon): Research Assignment: Search Strategies


Topic Worksheet


Subject Term Ideas

1. Cost of college (free)

College costs; Tuition; textbooks; Student loan debt; Higher education -- Finance; Community colleges; Universities & colleges -- Cost control


2. Mental illness

Mental illness; Depression (Psychology; Treatment; Drug therapy; Psychiatry; Mental health; Schizophrenia;


3. Quality of education between rich and poor districts

Rich people -- Education; School districts; Low-income students; Poor people -- Education; Property tax; Taxation;


4. Racial injustice

Racial injustice; Race discrimination; Gender & Racial Oppression; RACE relations; Racial identity; Racism; Stop & frisk (Police method); Racial profiling


5. Poverty (causes and remedies)

Cause; Poverty; Poor; Economic conditions; Socioeconomic factors; Government policy; Globalization


6. Right to assisted suicide

Assisted suicide; Physicians;  Moral & ethical aspects; euthanasia; Patients -- Legal status, laws, etc.; Right to die; Palliative treatment;Hospice; Quality of life; Patients' rights; Medical ethics; Terminal care


7. Sustainability/pollution

Sustainability;  Air pollution; Water pollution; Climatic change;  Energy conservation; Pollution control industry; Sustainable development; Energy consumption; Clean energy industries


8. Life/death issues

Life expectancy; Assisted suicide; Mortality; Terminal care; Old age;  Longevity -- Genetic aspects; Aging


 9. Legalization of marijuana

Marijuana legalizationMarijuana -- Law & legislation; Proposition 64; Controlled Substances Act, 1970 (U.S.); Colorado; Medical marijuan


10. Police brutality

Police brutality; Police brutality; Police misconduct; Minorities -- Crimes against;Police corruption; Police shootings; Police harassment;


11. Health (childhood obesity)

Childhood obesity; Obesity in children -- Prevention; Treatment;Child nutrition; Overweight children; Children -- Health; Sugars in human nutrition; Soft drinks; Food labeling


Search with AND, OR, NOT



Searching term tricks

*   Expand the word you are searching to include plurals. etc.: Pakis* gives you Pakistan, Pakistani 

"quotes"   Use for phrases: "Nobel Peace Prize"

OR   Use for either or searching: Child or teen

And   Use to combine terms you want to have: Educat* and Pakis*

Not   Use when you want to eliminate a word from your search (Warning: if you cut a word and it is in an article with words you want, you won't see that article!)