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Welcome to the Chabot College Library guide to Professor Worthington's English 1A Daraja class.

If you have any research questions come talk to the librarian at the reference desk or call (510) 723-6764 or (510) 723-7006 or EVEN chat (see the link to the left of this page). We are here all library open hours.

 To contact me, Email me at jmatthews@chabotcollege.edu.  My office is in 117. 

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Hours for Fall 2018

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Fall Hours 1/14-5/24

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Exceptions: January 21, February 15-18. March 7 until 4:30, March 25-30.


Welcome to Chabot Library--online!

Welcome to the Library Resource Guide to Instructor Wothington's ENGL 1A Daraja class. I createded this guide to help you navigate independently through the basics of research when you've been assigned a college-level research paper for this class and for future classes at Chabot.  


Speaking of research... simply gathering information is not considered college-level research. The MLA Handbook defines research in terms of exploring ideas, probing issues, solving problems, or making arguments relating to existing ideas. Research requires the ability to find, use, and communicate information effectively and ethically--a process also known as information literacy. This guide provides the tools and methods that will move you beyond the mere gathering of information, and into the realm of real academic research!

Knowledge is Power

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