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New Library Catalog, New Devices to Check Out, New Online Videos, New Databases, New Interfaces and More!



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The Library is More Digital!

At this workshop, we will discuss many new features that are available in the library, especially many new digital features.  Highlights include:

The New Library Catalog   Starting in January 2014, the Library has a new Library Catalog through the vendor, OCLC, known as Worldshare.  The new catalog does require adjustments for both students and faculty but this more robust catalog is now able to provide students a more user friendly interface (particularly limiters in the left column) and the ability to cross search a good number of our databases that will provide students a sample of articles from each (some of which will be in full text).  To learn more, go to the New Library Catalog tab!

Online Videos  Since last November, the Library has had a subscription to Films on Demand, a database with 100% closed captioned streaming videos spanning documentaries and educational individual videos and series including TED, PBS and the Films for Humanities and Sciences.  Click on Films on Demand for more information on how to use this product.

New Devices to Checkout  More laptops, pads, digital cameras and other devices are now available for checkout!  In addition, Study Room 109 now has a visual monitor students can plug-in their cell-phone pad or laptop for group projects!

The Library home page has a few improvements including three search boxes.  The first one searches the Library Catalog, including a sample of databases that can lead to books, E-books and full text periodical articles.  The second one cross searches all the EBSCOhost databases providing a more complete and relevant set of results in E-books and periodical articles (that are in the EBSCOhost interface).  The third searches our Library Research guides.  As always, students can ask for help from a librarian from the chat box when the Library is open.

New Databases  In addition to Films on Demand, the Library has also added easier to find statistics with the Statistical Abstract and Statista databases.  The library is also phasing out its dentistry journals, trading in a few journals for over 210 full-text journals available in Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source in the EBSCOhost interface.

New Interfaces and Names  Our vendors are always striving to improve the user interface and search performance of its databases.  Already, Gale has done so with Artemis, the database that replaces Literature Resource Center, and LexisNexis Academic has moved to providing a one row search box.  In addition to these changes, in the future Libguides (which provides our Library Research Guides) will have more robust features and organizations in its pages and the new Library Catalog, itself will also have a facelift.  Stay tuned and adjust as vendors strive to enhance students' search for desired resources.

In Transition  Finally, with all these changes, the Library must adjust for the transition.  The new Library Catalog has less flexibility and requires students and faculty to have ID cards for checking out materials.  Interactive Library tutorials related to the catalog will likely be disabled for about a year until the future interface is up.   It is important you let your students know to adjust as soon outdated links you may have to the catalog will no longer work and screen captures for certain databases may be outdated.  This page will provide a quick summary of what you as an instructor need to look out for if the student has any questions.