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Citing Database Articles

LexisNexis Academic Tutorials

LexisNexis Academic YouTube Channel
Find tutorials for all types of searching using LexisNexis.  New ones continue to be posted.


EBSCOhost Tutorials

Note: The interface of EBSCOhost has recently changed since the creation of these tutorials.

Adjust accordingly, or ask a librarian (chat on the left or 510-723-7006) about the new differences.

You will need Flash 8.0 or above to view these tutorials.

Search EBSCOhost
 Search EBSCOhost
How to Read Citations and Records in EBSCOhost
Read Citations & Records in EBSCOhost (plus how to cite by MLA)
How to Make Your Search More Relevant in EBSCOhost
 Make Search in EBSCOhost More Relevant (Get Fewer Results)
What to Do if You Have No Results in EBSCOhost

What to Do if You Have No Results in EBSCOhost

Other Databases Tutorials

Using Literature Resource Center

CQ Researcher
From Golden West College.  Flash 8.0 or above needed to view tutorial.