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English 001 A (Anderson): Stereotypes: Stereotypes in Media & Internet

"The Mammy" in Cartoons

What is Being Gay (According to the Media)

Asians in Cartoons

Home Economics Story

Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat

Montage from Spike Lee's Bamboozled

Black Stereotypes

Stereotypes Still Exist

The Native American in Cartoons

Mexicans/Mexican Americans in Cartoons

Arabs in Cartoons

Family Guy (Women in the Workplace)--Spoof

Brief History of the USA ( from Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine)

Disturbingly Racist Cartoons

Asian Stereotypes in Media

Unfortunately, this video is no more.  It featured a sequence of stereotypes of Asians in the media.

Famous Example of Fighting Back Against Stereotypes

Handouts and Other Information

What the Internet Conveys

Dr. Sofia Noble's Presentation at CARL, 2016