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List of 10 Journals in the areas of Diversity/Ethnic, International and Alternative Presses Assignment: Home

Welcome from the Library

The Library has had questions from students working on an assignment that asks for a list of 10 journals in the areas of ethnic/diversity, international and alternative presses.  And to provide citations of these journals in the MLA 9 format.  The Library at this time does not know what class or instructor has provided for this assignment at present time, but in general, we ask that you check with your instructor first to make sure they are not asking for Journal Articles.  If journal articles, databases such as Ethnic/Diversity Source, ProQuest Diversity Databases, Alternative Presses Watch, Black Studies Center, and Race Relations Abstracts would be good places to go.  Just make sure you limit your search to Peer Reviewed or Scholarly Journals or Journals (assuming the instructor is asking for ONLY scholarly journal articles). 

If the instructor is asking you to identify 10 scholarly journals (i.e. their entire run, not just an article from one), the main part of this page tells you where to go.  

Browzine--Find Journals by Subject

List of Ethnic/Diversity Journals

List of International Area Studies Journals

List of Alternative Presses Journals

1.  Go to Alternative Presses Watch.

2.  On the top left, click on the three bar line.   Select Publcations Alt-PressWatch database with three bars selected and Publications highlighted

3.  On the left click on Scholarly Journals.  Publication Search with Scholarly Journals Limiter on the Left highlighted


MLA 9 Citation

List the TITLE of the journal in italics.  

Example: Ethnic and Racial Studies

You do NOT list any editors, any publishers, etc.  Just the title BY ITSELF of the JOURNAL.