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What is a Library Database?: You're In For a Treat!

What is a Library Database?

Your Library licenses and/or perpetually owns thousands of electronic resources available at your fingertips through full-text databases (after putting in your W ID number and Class-Web PIN if you're off campus, directly if you're on campus)! 

Library Databases CONTAIN:

  • Full-Text Journal Articles (often in original journal PDF format) 
Journal Article
  • Full-Text Magazine & Newspaper Articles
Magazines Galore!
  • Full-Text Ebooks
Ebook Pad in front of books
  • Streaming Videos
Streaming Movies
  • Images (including a good number copy-righted)
Artist's Photographs Exhibit


COOL!  Where Can I find these Library Databases? 

Go To:


How Do I FInd All These Things?

Once you are in a database, enter your search terms and click on the Search or Go button.  Your search results will usually contain links that will most often go directly to the article, Ebook, video or image.  (Sometimes you may have to first click on an option on the left or below the record to eventually get to the article itself).

If you need help, please contact a librarian!  We are at the left desk of the main room, can help you by phone at (510)723-7006 or by chat!