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Works Cited Guides and Noodle Tools: Citing AI

Note on Academic Honesty and Integrity


Using Artificial Intelligence such as Chat GPT to write a paper or prepare a presentation or speech means you MUST cite it and state context properly.  Otherwise, it IS plagiarism.  You cannot have someone else write your paper and then you credit it to yourself, and you cannot take a resource elsewhere and attach your name to it.  The same goes for using AI such as Chat GPT.  As for quoting resources, paraphrasing or referring to concepts, etc. you will need to CITE your resources.  Below are examples how to cite Chat GPT according to MLA 9, APA 7, and Chicago 17.  NOTE: In most cases Chat GPT is considered a "personal communication" source (like an Email or a text) in terms of type of resource.

ONE FINAL NOTE: ALWAYS ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR FIRST BEFORE USING AI.  Some instructors may not want you to use these resources at all.  Remember: AI does not mean the information you are getting is accurate, you could get biased (sometimes disturbingly biased) information and language, and quality can definitely vary.  AI also cannot reflect your own style as a writer, including your own personality and your own method of critical thinking.  Those are UNIQUELY YOUR OWN.