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Earth Week 2020: Ethnic Studies Summit

Climate Change--Research Guide

3rd Annual Ethnic Studies Summit ONLINE!

Chabot College's 3rd Annual Ethnic Studies Summit Online

April 24 - 30, 2020

Indigeneity and Decoloniality

Celebrating Earth Week with the Chabot College community!



Kay Fisher, ES Professor
Sponsored by:
Ethnic Studies Pathway FIG, Stay Woke Collective, Equity, HSI, and CIN!

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Friday, April 24 10:30am - 12pm; Keynote speaker: Dr. Jennie Luna, CSU Channel Islands

Keynote Speaker: 

Dr. Jennie Luna, CSU Channel Islands

Talk Title: "Fifty Years of Ethnic Studies: The Ongoing Movement to Decolonize and Indigenize Higher Education"

The academic discipline of Ethnic Studies was given birth through a student strike known as the Third World Liberation Front (twLF) that began on the San Francisco State University (SFSU) campus in November 1968, and joined by U.C. Berkeley in the spring of 1969. Ethnic Studies is the only academic discipline created out of protest and emerging from a social movement. The Bay Area was a critical site for this movement to emerge and set in motion the development of programs and departments across all college and university campuses throughout the nation. While examining the past fifty years is critical, this keynote address will walk participants even further through the past 500+ years of Indigenous resistance examining the production of knowledge and power and our collective ongoing movement to transform education G-20, from gestation through all levels of higher education.

Dr. Luna Bio:

Assistant Professor of Chicana/o Studies at CSU Channel Islands

Dr. Jennie Luna (Xicana Caxcan) was born and raised in East San José, California. She received her undergraduate degree in Chicana/o Studies and Mass Communications from U.C. Berkeley, a Master’s in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Native American Studies from U.C. Davis. She is currently an Associate Professor in Chicana/o Studies at California State University, Channel Islands. Dr. Luna’s research focuses on the contemporary history and diaspora of Danza Mexica/Azteca tradition, Xicana Indígena identity and spirituality, reproductive justice, food sovereignty, Nahuatl language study, and Ethnic Studies K-12 and beyond. ​

Sunday, April 26 12pm - 1pm

Jada Imani, MC, Hop Hop Artist, Writer, Curator

Jada's Workshop will focus on #NoOneisDisposable and moments in history that fascinate or move us and our relationship to them. Inspired by Youth Vs. Apocalypse's Earth Day Climate upcoming strike.

Jada's bio:

Jada Imani is a 21-year-old MC from the Bay Area by way of East St. Louis. She provides a refreshing contribution to Hip-Hop culture. Her gritty lyricism is informed by midwestern roots where she grew up on the illest underground Hip-Hop pillars. Yet her wavy, ethereal vibe is influenced by her residence in the west coast as well as her ear for euphoric soundscapes. Jada's rocked at most loval venues including the Greek Theater, New Parish, Oakland Museum, Brick and Mortar, Spirithaus, and Impact Hun. She has curated over 200 Bay Area music events and performed around the country and the world as she travels.

Her 2020 projects include, Power of Intent, directed by Joshua Johnson. Also new music projects in the works with some early-release available for her supporters on Patreon.

To learn more about Jada, click here

Wednesday, April 29 10:30am - 12pm

Dr. Dawn-Elissa Fischer, SFSU

Talk Title: "Black, Femme and Animated!:  Movements, Manga, Music"

This session examines women’s art and activism from the US and Japan. Using samples from anime and hiphop, we  bridge past social movements to current popular culture.​


Dr. Fischer's Bio:

Associate Professor of Africana Studies & Anthropology, SFSU

Dawn-Elissa Fischer is an associate professor at SF State University. She teaches about race and globalization, and her research concerns overlapping popular cultures in the US and Japan. Dr. Fischer is a Nasir Jones Fellowship recipient, she has worked on special programs and collections with the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute at Harvard University for two decades. She was a co-founder of the National Hip Hop Political Convention.

To learn more about Dr. Fischer, click here

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