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Change it Now! (CIN!) Fall 2020 Orientation: Home



Love ~ Individual and Collective Responsibility ~ Critical Thinking ~ Action

Upcoming Elections

Know Your Rights


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CIN! Calendar: Upcoming Events!

CIN! New Student Orientation

Friday, Sept. 4th, 10-11AM

Indigenous Peoples' Week

Oct. 12-15, 2020

Get Woke! Stay Woke! Conference

Oct. 16, 2020


What is CIN!?

Change It Now! (CIN!) is an academic leadership program designed for students interested in:

  • Being empowered in social change
  • Transfering to four-year colleges and universities
  • Exploring community issues such as: education, health care, budget cuts, environmental, poverty, violence, and more
  • Building strong relationships with other CIN students
  • Developing skills to become leaders in their communities


CIN! students are challenged to think critically about issues confronting their communities. Through group projects, excursions and campus activities their awareness of social justice issues increases.

CIN! students have said:

  • "I think that CIN! has impacted my life because I see the world a little different now"
  • "It has given me new and different perspectives on important issues."
  • "I've learned something much deeper. In life my worries were, “oh what should I wear today” but now I’ve learned that there is much more to worry about in life and each person can make a difference.
  • "I now care about the news and try to see how its going to affect me and the rest of my community."
  • "It impacted my life cause I now see different cultures go through a lot of stress and struggle."