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Welcome to the Library!

Welcome to Prof. Johnston's ENGL 4A Library Research Guide!

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Knowledge is Power

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Research Prompt:

"Your job for the research assignment is to research one of the topics listed below, develop an argument and share your findings with the class. All of the topics listed come from the literature we are examining this semester. For example, the novel There There is a novel about the Native American community in Oakland. The urban native community, gentrification, historical trauma are all topics from the novel that could be researched."


  • Disability justice
  • Immigration
  • Police brutality
  • Activism
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Justice
  • Nature Preservation
  • Homophobia (particularly in communities of color)
  • Model Minority
  • The impact of forced assimilation on Indigenous Communities
  • Issues facing Native Americans
  • Gentrification and Displacement