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English 001 (Henry): All About Love by bell hooks: Citing/NoodleTools


Noodle Tools Overview

MLA Handout

MLA 9 handout will likely not be available until at least Summer, 2023.  If your instructor asks you to use MLA 9, please go to the OWL website.

You Quote It, You Cite It!

You Quote It, You Cite It! is Las Positas Library's adaptation of the Acadia University Library's tutorial on avoiding plagiarism.  Click here to take the tutorial.

Warning About Citation Generators

Citation Generators are simply computers that do their best to cite what is given to them.  While our vendors such as Gale, EBSCO, ProQuest, Ex-Libris, etc. do their best to cite according to the related particular MLA (now 9, sometimes 8), APA, Chicago and other citation standards, sometimes what is generated comes up odd.  


1. Instead of providing a source, you get "Shibboleth Authentication Request."  That is NOT a source.  You should get out your manual or enter key fields in Noodle Tools if this happens and look at what is actually in front of you.

2. APA-- Some citation generators are unable to follow the rules correctly for when to cap words and when not to.  In fact, when using APA, we STRONGLY recommend if you are NOT using Noodle Tools, to go through it word by word (In general, any word that is not a proper noun and does not follow a period, colon, double dashes or semi-colon should NOT be capped in the words of a title).

Plagiarism is Not Tolerated Even in Social Media