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English 001 (Yungerman): I Can't Breathe: Search Statements

Fall 2023

Formulating a Search Statement

  1. Come up with Search Terms (concrete nouns or key concepts in usually no more than a two word phrase for each INDIVIDUAL search term).  A search statement should NEVER be a long phrase or sentence.
  2. For mulltiple search terms put AND in between each one: Climate Change AND United States
  3. As you search databases, look at the Subjects list and jot down key subject words.  You may want to use those terms instead for future searching.
  4. When searching an EBSCO database, look at the left column for search limiters and click on any key subject headings to further limit your search.


Next Step: Formulate The Statement

Minimum Wage AND Benefits AND United States AND Economy.

EBSCO Search Form

Limit Results with More Search Terms or Select Subjects on the Left side (in EBSCO Databases)

NOTE: Feel free to click on "Show More" for more subject heading suggestions students can select.  They can click in more than one checkbox.

For articles that are really on the mark, take note and jot down key subject headings below the article record.

Subject Headings below article

Note: If after reading an individual article, student wants to find more like that article, that's when they may want to look at what that article has CITED and then in Articles Plus, student can copy and paste an individual article title to see if that's available in the Library's full text collection.

Some Subject Heading Examples for This Assignment

UNITED States. Constitution. 13th Amendment

CONSTITUTIONAL amendments (United States)

Civil Rights Act of 1964


Voting Rights Act of 1965

Race Discrimination



Racial bias

Implicit bias

King, Martin Luther, Jr.

Civil Disobedience

War on Poverty (United States)

Black Lives Matter Movement

Equal Justice Intitiative

George Floyd Protests

Floyd, George

Justice in Policing Act*

Birth of a Nation, The (Film)

Ku Klux Klan

Prison Labor

Convict Labor

Jim Crow Laws




Drug Control

Drug Traffic

Broken Windows Policing

Stop & Frisk (Police Method)

Racial Profiling

Police Misconduct

Police --Evidence

Police Accountability

Criminal Sentencing

Sentencing Disparity*

American Legislative Exchange Council

Emigration and Immigration Law


Public Prosecutors

Prosecutorial Misconduct


Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994

Three Strikes Laws

Criminal Sentencing

Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Plea Bargains

Social Media

Online Social Networks

Video Recordings

Social Media Fatigue

Mass Media

Race Relations and the Press

Racism in the Press

Television Broadcasting of News



Complaints Against Police

Criminal Complaint Review Board*

Police Reform

Criminal Law Reform

Wearable Video Devices

Community Policing

Alternatives to Imprisonment

Restorative Jusitce


NOTE: terms such as flaking, test-a-lying and 100:1 Laws will not work in our databases.  These are too vague, slang terms that are not used in indexing.