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English: Library Tutorials

Subject guide to English sources, in general. Be sure to also look at the Literature, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Creative Writing guides.

Searchpath Tutorial

Searchpath Logo

Searchpath is an online tutorial where you learn how to use Library resources effectively.

To take the Searchpath tutorial click here

Searchpath is divided into six modules.  Here are direct links to them

Module One: Starting Smart

Module Two: Choosing a Topic

Module Three: Finding Books

Module Four: Finding Articles

Module Five: Using the Web

Module Six: Citing Sources

Interactive Tutorials

Librarian helping a student

Learn how to use the Library Catalog, search EBSCOhost, and print and save on our tutorials page!  

To see our list of interactive tutorials (in addition to Searchpath) click here


You Quote It, You Cite It!

Student at Computer

You Quote It, You Cite It! is Las Positas Library's adaptation of the Acadia University Library's tutorial on avoiding plagiarism.  Click here to take the tutorial.