English 101 A (Transue): Finding Articles

Fall 2014

Scholarly Journal Articles v. Magazines with Popular Articles

Example of Journals with Scholarly Articles

Scholarly Articles are written by experts in the field and, additionally, reviewed by panel experts in the field.  They tend to include a lot of research and data, and the information in the article is backed up by a list of references. 


Example of Magazines with Popular Articles

Popular Articles are often written by journalists for a general audience and are not reviewed by experts in the field.  Popular articles rarely include references.


For more detailed information on what a scholarly article looks like, see the excellent tutorial Anatomy of a Scholarly Article.

EBSCOhost Databases

ebsco host database

Academic Search Premier is a multidisciplinary database and thus can be used to find information on research paper topics for any of your classes at Chabot College. This database includes:

  • Academic journal articles, Newspaper articles, Magazine articles
  • More than 13,600 indexed and abstracted journals
  • Full text for over 4,700 journals
  • Over 12,000 peer-reviewed, indexed and abstracted journals
  • More than 4,000 peer-reviewed, full-text journals

View the tutorial on how to conduct a basic search in ASP here!

How to Access Databases Off-Campus?

Username and Password Screen

To access databases off campus, you enter your W number as your username (begin with a CAPITAL W).  Your password is: the first two letters of your first name, the first two letters of your last name, and the last FOUR digits of your W Number.  To learn more, take this tutorial (you will need Flash):

How to Get into Databases Off Campus

If you still have problems getting in, take this tutorial:

What to Do if You STILL Cannot Get into Databases Off Campus