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Anthropology 002 (Casqueiro): Find Archaeological Sites


Searching Google for Sites

If using the Web, start with Public WWW Libraries Selected by Librarians, First

Use the following Terms:

Archaeological Sites

Archaeological Tours

Archaeological Digs

Excavations Archaeology

Under Google Maps:

Archaelogical Sites

For Cultures:

Prehistoric Peoples

archaeological culture

Beaker People

Search Example


Archaeological Sites  (First three are from reliable sites)


    Synoptic table of the principal old world prehistoric cultures - Wikipedia  While not verified (even Wikipedia is asking for more documentation) you can use this as a measuring estimate to then double check from a more reliable resource for time period of a prehistoric culture.

California State Parks Website

Archaeological Resources 

Very distinct groups with separate traditions occupied California throughout its 12,000-year human history, providing a rich and diverse archaeological legacy. This long occupation created tens of thousands of archaeological sites representing villages, hunting, gathering and fishing areas, religious and ceremonial locations, trails and rock art sites. The cultural complexity of ancient California is unmatched in North America.