Photo 50 : Shannon Foreman: Presentation

Coming to Terms

Search Trick

Use quotes (" ") so that terms don't get separated.

Using Synonyms

"Available Light"-> "Ambient Light"

*Using Definitions*

  • You can't assume that everyone is going to use exact terms to describe the topic.
  • Sometimes, especially if it is a PDF, the terms are not going to show up.
  • You need to read and reread and reread and translate for yourself into your own words what the term means to you. Then you will be able to see "it" in the text.

"available light" + definition 

Less is more

Sometimes, you simply need to enter the name and look for key words, descriptions that pop out at you and use those in your next search

Using Google Expanded

  • Enter artists name
  • Ideally, use authoritative sources (e.g. New York Times. Even pcmagazine or cnet because they have editors to do quality control)
  • Click on "news" tab if you aren't finding anything.
  • Cite your sources (E.g. Citation Machine)

If the artist is not well known and is from another country, put their name into quotes and translate related words (I used google translate)

  • E.g. Sonia Soberats , photographer =  "Sonia Soberats " La fotógrafa
  • E.g. Feng Li + photographer = "冯立"  摄影师     <Féng lì> <Shèyǐng shī>

​ Google has a function where you can translate the page.


Using the Library's Databases


Gale Virtual Reference Library 

(imogen cunningham, david hockney, annie leibovitz)

Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia 

(henri cartier-bresson, imogen cunningham, david hockney)

Searching the General Database : Onesearch

  • Do full text search:
  • Look for the following image to see photographs:

Print Books

Multiple books in the catalog for: Imogen Cunningham and  David Hockney