Comm 1 : Eileen Pippins: Resources

Main Sources

Academic Search Complete (large collection of materials)
Basic Tips: 
-Don't use too many words
-Use quotes ( " ") when searching for specific strings
More Advanced Search Tips:
Q: What larger category or subject is your topic part of?
Q: How do you hear your topic talked about in the news/media?
Q: Is there a technical name for your topic?
Q: Do your search results yield additional search terms?
-Change the publication date so that you get recent articles
-After you enter your search term into the search box, limit by source types. 
-If you want books, click on "show more" to access eBooks.
-When you find a document, email yourself the document. Include the citation with it.

Using Google Responsibly

Google News

(Look for recognized news sources like New York Times or CNN. Places that have editors/fact checkers vs bloggers or .orgs.)


Google Scholar


APA Citation Format Generator - Citation Machine