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Who is Monitoring

Government (E.g. ".gov") and Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs) (E.g. Who)

Academics (E.g. ".edu")

News Agencies (E.g. "New York Times" )


"Alternative Energy" or "Clean Energy" or "Renewable Energy" (E.g. "Solar" or "Wind" or "Hydroelectric" or "Biomass" or "Hydrogen" and "Fuel Cells" or "Geothermal")

" (Land or Water or Air or Light or Noise) Pollution" : "Oil Spills"

"Global Warming" : "Rising Sea Level" or "Melting Glaciers" or "Melting Ice" or "Severe Weather" or "Wildfire" or "Hurricane"

"Endangered Species" : "Poaching" or "Loss of Habitat"


"Increase" X "Decrease" Y


"Law" or "Legislation" or "Bill"

"Standards" or "Limits" or "Requirement"

"Economic Incentives" 

   Carrot : (E.g. "Tax Credit" or "Grant" or "Subsidy")

   Stick : "Fine" or "Penalty"