Make the Library Be More a Part of Your Course (2019): Curriculum Builder on Canvas, New Databases and More!: Information Competency

ACRL Framework

See the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)

Framework for Information Literacy 

Diagram of ACRL Framework for Information Literacy



Library Skills Courses and Drop-In Workshops

Librarians also teach 1, 2, and soon, 3 unit courses.  Students learn how to do effective research, how to use databases and search engines effectively, and how to evaluate resources, including websites and social media.  We also provide drop-in workshops on library research, especially at the end of the semester right before term papers are often due.  Below are some examples of what we've done in the past.

We are currently planning a 3 unit course which will fulfill the Critical Thinking and Writing GE requirement for AA degrees.  That course will be on critical Media and Information Literacies which will include analysis and evaluation of mass media and social media issues including overcoming stereotypes in media, recognizing fake news (news literacy), and other mass media/social media issues.

Library Orientations: Let the Librarian Teach

Use the above link to schedule customized library orientations for your classes. We use your specific assignment when presenting the recommended databases and/or library catalog.

Your students will be shown:

. the organization of the Chabot College Library

. how to find books using the online catalog (OPAC)

. how to select an appropriate database

. how to best formulate searches using basic boolean logic

. how to evaluate websites

. how to evaluate the sources they have selected

. how to cite their the sources


In order to give librarians enough time to prepare we request that you schedule a library orientation as early as possible in the semester, but at least one week in advance.