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For Faculty: Online Library Resources During the CoronaVirus Crisis: Canvas & the Library

What is the ChabotLibrary LTI App?

ChabotLibrary LTI is an online tool that takes resources found from our EBSCOhost Discovery Service (EDS) and makes content from it appear as seamlessly as possible in a Learning Management System's course such as your Canvas or Canvas course.

You have a search tool where you can enter known title words and then click on the +Add button for the source you desire to include into your course module.  PDF, HTML or links to full-text readings will appear right from the Canvas platform itself!

Curriculum Builder Tutorial Part One (Going Away in August, 2022)

NEW ChabotLibrary LTI App

Canvas Entrance Screen

Curriculum Builder Handout (Going Away in August 2022)

Look at both for the process for implementation and use, using the Canvas instructions instead of the Canvas instructions with respect to adding Curriculum Builder into a module.

Curriculum Builder Tutorial Part Two

NOTE: To Create New Reading lists, you would be creating New Folders.  Read the Handout Listed Above on How to Do that Part.

Online Demonstration of the Product (Going Away in August, 2022)

Other Library Apps in External Tools

1.  Films on Demand-- the film is embedded right into the course itself

2.  Gale Primary Sources-- Includes Archives of Sexuality & Gender and Indigenous Peoples: North America

3.  Gale Virtual Reference Library (also known as "Gale Ebooks")-- Students can quickly search through a wealth of quality reference sources right in your Canvas course, itself!

4.  Issues & Controversies-- The quick pro/con overview to many hot topics.

5.  Library Research Guides--go step by step until you come across the Libguide created for your course at the library orientation or collaboration with a librarian.  Or bring in a general subject guide, or bring in the library databases page.

6.  Literature Criticism Online-- Search the Drama Criticism, Short Story Criticism, Poetry Criticism and Children's Literature Review series!

7.  Literature Resource Center-- Search to find articles, book chapters, essays and other criticisms selected and collected into this rich database.

8.  Opposing Viewpoints in Context-- Go directly to arguments for or against something in essay, editorial or feature article form.

Reading List Example