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Anthropology 013 (Giovanola) Forensic Anthropology: Assignment


Topics are to be taken from the Text (Introduction to Forensic Anthropology) by Steven Byers.

Topics and Terms:


General terms:

              Anthro*; Forensic*;  Fossil hominids; Human remains (Archaeology)


Ancestry (Chapter 7)


Attribution of Sex (Chapter 8)

           Pelvis; Skull; Humerus (Long arm bone)


Age at Death (Chapter 9)


Projectile Trauma (Chapter 12)

          Wounds; Spear, Arrow, Bullet, Weapon, firearm*


Blunt Trauma (Chapter 13)

          Wounds; blunt force; club; bats' cars or auto*; hammer


Sharp and Miscellaneous Trauma (Chapter 14)

          Wounds; axes; knife or knives; hatchet; machete;


Antemortem Conditions (Chapter 15)


Postmortem Changes to Bones (Chapter 16)

        Perimortem; postmortem;