Health 040 (Calcagno): Consumer Health Information

Public WWW Sources

Access to Libraries

If your students use Google, their search results can be clouded with commercial websites (including those for drug companies), cloaked racial websites and less than accurate information.  It is why we strongly recommend you encourage middle school students to access their public library catalogs and databases to view full text information available online.

Getting an online library card is easy!  Tell them to go to  for Alameda County Library or for Hayward Public Library.

Databases at Chabot Library

These below are the databases at Chabot College.  Your W ID number is your username and your six digit Class-WEB PIN is your password.  If you can't get access, our handout on alternative methods is listed right below.  Contact Norman Buchwald or your instructor for the password to view this handout.

San Jose Public Library Resources

Oakland Public Library Resources

Berkeley Public Library Resources

Alameda County and Hayward Public Libraries