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Communication Studies 001 (Peeters): Informative Speech: Welcome!


Welcome to the Chabot College Library Guide for Instructor Peeters' COMM1 Class!

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Pedro Reynoso
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Podium with Microphone in Front of an Audience

"For your second formal speaking assignment your purpose will be to inform the class about something of significance in the world today. You may attempt to produce understanding, reinforce knowledge, or clarify knowledge. Your goal is to explain, illustrate, and/or demonstrate a subject without attempting to modify the beliefs, attitudes or behaviors of the audience."


We will be looking for the following in your speeches:

  1. An introduction which gains the interests of the audience and inspires us to listen.
  2. An attempt to adapt to the needs and the interests of the audience.
  3. Each main point should be supported by one of the following: example, statistics, testimony, and so on. Due to time constraints, there should be no more than 3 main points in this speech.
  4. The use of transitions and signposts to help your audience follow your speech.
  5. Explicit citation of all sources, i.e., “According to . . .” or, “As stated by . . .”
  6. A clear, appropriate organizational pattern.
  7. A concise conclusion which brings the speech to a natural end.
  8. Evidence of rehearsal—effective delivery, including good time management.
  9. A smooth and effective utilization of a presentation (audio or visual) aid; big and simple/loud and clear as needed.
  10. You will need to utilize at least four outside sources for this speech. These four primary sources must be from the research database options found on the library link above.


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