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Course Reserves: Some of Your Course Books Digitally Available in our Databases! : Hi!

While this page will not have textbooks, it will have other books that your instructor placed on reserve or provided you a list as supplemental or extra credit reading. Most often, this book can only be viewed by one person at one time.

Ebooks in Your Courses

ebook given through a laptop

At Chabot Library, we have a number of books on reserve.  To see if print copies or DVDs have been placed on reserve by your instructor, go to  Course Reserves

In addition, the Library also owns electronic copies of "non-traditional textbooks used in courses such as novels or key nonfiction books..

To  see if an eBook version is available, click on the alphabet letters from the tabs above.  They are all alphabetical by Title (not by author, your instructor, or your course).  Keep in mind that titles that begin with articles such as "a," "an," and "the" begin with the next word alphabetically.