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English1 (Johnston): Climate Justice: Home

CIN! (Change It Now!) 2022



Welcome to the Research Guide to Prof. Johnston's English 1 CIN! Class!

Here's some important information about the library you might need for this class and for future classes at Chabot!

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From the Assignment:

For your 5-6 page research paper select one of the following prompts:

  • Consciousness Raising| What aspect of the climate crisis do you want to learn more about? Food industries? Fashion? Population control? Research a specific climate topic and make an argument for it’s importance in the battle to end climate change.

  • Climate solution| In your previous essay you discussed what you think should be done. That may have included multiple solutions. This time, do a deep dive on one. Make an argument for one specific well-researched, evidenced based solution to the climate crisis

  • Art|  What are artists doing about climate change? Research articles about musicians, visual artists, theater performances, writers and other forms of art. Make an argument for the role of art in addressing the climate crisis.

  • Movement| Research the climate justice movement. You could look at the history or it’s current iteration. You could focus on the role of BIPOC, youth, women and LGBQT folks in the climate justice movement. Make an argument about the role of or need for a specific group’s involvement in the climate justice movement

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Knowledge is Power by Ernesto Yarena Montejano