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Ally Up! Research Paper

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Research Paper: Ally Up!

Research Paper

Ally Up!

“Strong people stand up for themselves. Stronger people stand up for others.”

Sometimes to be truly down for others we have to look deeply at the places where it’s hard to have each other’s backs.  Each one of us has messages in our head about another group. These messages come from our families, our communities, societies and the media. When we make a decision to stand up for others we are taking a stand against all of the messages we’ve received. The road of an ally isn’t easy, but being allies to each other is what will truly change the world. 

For your research paper, first, you will select a marginalized group  you a) are curious about or b) one that brings up tension for you. Potential groups:

  • African-American

  • Latinx

  • Asian

  • Native American

  • Pacific Islander

  • Muslim

  • Disabled

  • LGBTQ 

  • Women 

Once you have selected a group, you can either focus on the role the group plays in the environmental justice movement or how the group is/ will be impacted by climate change. You may also touch on both in your essay.

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