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The Research Paper Project

Assignment: The Research Paper Project -- Summer 2023

The “Research Paper Project” requires that you complete the following activities:

1. Select a topic from the list provided by the instructor. You must write a “pro” (for) or a “con” (against) argumentation paper. 2. Limit the topic until you find your limited subject. 3. Establish a “Research Question” (the answer to which is usually your Thesis Statement). 4. Do research to find information related to your topic to support and augment your ideas.


Note: You must derive information from all of the following sources: a. Primary Source: How to Watch TV News ---or--- Patterns For College Writing. b. Single-author book (other than your primary source) (Library Catalog, Ebook Collection (EBSCOhost)) c. Newspaper article (Newsbank, New York Times, Ethnic News Watch, Alternative Presses Watch) d. Magazine article (MasterFILE Premier) e. Journal article (Communication and Mass Media Complete, Academic Search Complete, SocIndex with Full Text, Ethnic Diversity Source, etc.) f. Personal interview with an authority [Not Required]

5. Create a Thesis Statement for your research paper. 6. Build support for your Thesis Statement by expressing your own ideas together with ideas derived from your research sources. 7. Make Note Cards or electronic notes during research. You do not have to submit the notes. They will help you as you write the paper. 8. Make Works Cited Cards or electronic notes during research. You do not have to submit the Works Cited cards. They will help you as you finish your research paper. 9. Create and submit a Title Page for your research paper.

10. Create and submit a brief Sentence Outline as a part of your research paper. 11. Write an 8-10 page "draft" research paper. 12. Ask a peer or the Chabot WRAC center to review your paper and provide feedback so that you can improve it. 13. Revise the draft to prepare a “final version” of the research paper. 14. Present the 8-page to 10-page paper in proper MLA format. See Rules for Writers (Sections 50 – 57) for guidance on MLA style. Also, see Section 57b, pages 468-476 for an example research paper. In Patterns For College Writing, see pages 750-758 for “The Limitations of Wikipedia” research paper by Philip Lau, a student. 15. Be sure to include the following components when you submit the final version of your research paper. All components must be uploaded as a single file into Canvas. a. Title page b. Sentence outline (1 page – 2 pages) c. Formatted research paper in MLA style d. Proper parenthetical (“in-text”) citations (see Rules for Writers for guidance on MLA style). e. “Works Cited” page at the end of your report (see Rules for Writers for guidance on MLA style).

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