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Key Ebooks: Novels, Essay Collections, and Other "Non-Textbooks" in Your Courses: Home

When we are able, we make sure there is an electronic copy of your "non-textbook" that you are using in your courses. In some cases, only one person can view at one time and if on Overdrive, you would be "checking out" the book.

Ebooks at Your Fingertips!


Books with a Mouse in Front Welcome to the Library's Ebook collection.  This page highlights all titles the Library is able to get an electronic copy.  These are usually not "textbooks" in the traditional sense (as textbook publishers tend to not work with Libraries).  Some listed below take only one user at one time (if it's not available, wait an hour).  If on Overdrive, you will be checking out the Ebook.  All Ebooks are listed alphabetically (if beginning with an article such as A, An or The, the second word is the first word).

Ebooks A-Z