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Quality Focus Essay:

QFE: "The Quality Focus Essay is the component of the ISER which provides the opportunity for member institutions to be innovative and to propose new ideas and projects that will improve student learning and/or student achievement at the institutional level." (ACCJC Guide, pp. 26-27)

ISER Survey Results--as of 9/14


ACCJC: Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges

CAL-Team: Chabot Accreditation Leadership Team

QFE: Quality Focus Essay

QFE Timeline

FALL 2021

QFE Survey Release (8/17)
Update PRAC (9/1)
Update Faculty Senate (9/9)
Update Accreditation Steering Committee (9/10)
Update Student Senate (9/13)
Update PRAC (9/15)
QFE Survey Closes (9/17)
Update Classified Senate (9/17)
Update President’s Council (9/22)
QFE Due (9/27)

CAL Team wants to hear from you!

The CAL-Team welcomes your input on the Quality Focus Essay (QFE)!

If you haven't already, pls take a moment to fill out the the QFE survey, see link to survey below:

Link to QFE Survey

Feedback received will be reviewed by the CAL-Team and Accreditation Steering Committee, and then shared with the campus community via shared-governance committees and all three senates.

Also, don't forget to give us your feedback on the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER) Draft, see link to survey below (note: Last day for feedback is September 27, 2021)

Link to ISER Survey

QFE Recap

  • Newest component of the ISER
  • NOT to exceed 4,000 words
  • Identify 1-2 campus-wide, long-term projects that will improve student learning and/or student achievement
  • QFE Projects should emerge from the ISER
  • QFE must be grounded in data provided in the ISER
  • QFE Projects will include: 1) measurable outcomes, 2) resources needed to accomplish the project, 3) timeline for completion, and 4) responsible stakeholders and/or committees
  • ACCJC does NOT evaluate the QFE to determine the College's accreditation status. But rather the Commission uses the QFE as a means to encourage to encourage institutional development and innovation.